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About Us

Fishstiks Greeting Cards is a small humorous card company, created by cartoonist Kevin Pope and located in a small town in Southern Indiana. His edgy and uniquely witty style has graced the pages of Mad Magazine, Playboy, comic syndication as well as animation for commercials, lm and Television. His ACME greeting card line through Recycled Paper Products was a legendary, popular, humorous endeavor which ran for 20 years developing a cult following of sorts which still lives on today.

Fishstiks Greeting Cards was created to bring another choice of humor to a seemingly hum-drum repetitive landscape of so-called funny greeting cards. With truly unique characters and sophisticated writing, Fishstiks is a smart, interesting and a certain shopper-stopper card line that will expand your customers selection opportunities.

Fishstiks Greeting Cards will be available through the Fishstiks website for individuals and for wholesalers who want to stock their stores with a new creative look. They will be printed on high quality 100 lb, white card stock at 5″ x 7″ dimensions. Each card comes with a brightly colored envelope, and for wholesalers a shelf or display rack header is included with half and full dozens. The back of each card has a UPC code, suggested retail cost as well as the card number for easy re-ordering. We are making the ordering process whether through an order sheet or online, as easy and simplified as possible.

Order a catalog if you would like, which includes card samples for you, or simply browse the website and hopefully Fishstiks Greeting Cards will make their way to your store, to your customers and to their friends!

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